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Application enrollment form

Our Application Enrollment Form is your gateway to joining the vibrant learning community at Scrabble Montessori School. This user-friendly form ensures a seamless and straightforward enrollment process for your child. By providing essential details such as personal information, preferred programs, and any specific needs, you take the first step towards unlocking a world of educational opportunities. Our commitment to individualized care begins with this form, allowing us to tailor our programs to meet the unique needs of each child. Join us on this educational journey by completing the Application Enrollment Form, and let the adventure of learning at Scrabble Montessori School commence for your little one.

Withdrawal requires advance notice

At Scrabble Montessori School, we understand that circumstances may change, and adjustments might be necessary. To ensure a smooth process for both students and parents, we kindly request that any withdrawal from our programs be communicated with advance notice. This allows us to make the necessary arrangements, provide support during the transition, and maintain open lines of communication. Your cooperation in providing advance notice is greatly appreciated, as it ensures a thoughtful and considerate departure from our learning community. We value the time spent together and strive to make every aspect of the educational journey at Scrabble Montessori School a positive and fulfilling experience.


All payments are due on the first of the month.

Following a clear and transparent financial arrangement, our Terms of Payment at Scrabble Montessori School state that all payments are due on the first of each month. This straightforward policy ensures a streamlined and efficient process for both parents and the school administration. By maintaining a consistent payment schedule, we aim to provide clarity and convenience, allowing families to focus on the invaluable educational journey of their children without unnecessary financial concerns. Your commitment to this payment structure is greatly appreciated, as it contributes to the smooth functioning of our educational community, fostering an environment where everyone can fully engage in the joy of learning.


Please note that no credit or refund is provided for absences due to illness or trips out of town. It’s important to understand that the school’s expenses persist, ensuring uninterrupted quality education and support for your child, irrespective of attendance.

Late fees and service charges

In alignment with our Late Fees & Service Charges policy, tuition payment is expected on the first of each month, with a late status declared on the fifth. Following this, a late fee of $30 is applied to the balance. To ensure financial transparency, an additional 1 1⁄2% service charge is incurred every ten days thereafter. It is essential to note that students with unpaid tuition may face suspension unless alternative arrangements are made in advance. Additionally, a $30.00 fee is levied for all checks returned by the bank. To maintain consistency and efficient planning, changes to a child’s program during the school year will not be accepted. This policy is in place to uphold the financial integrity of our educational services, allowing us to provide uninterrupted support and quality education to all enrolled students.Top of Form

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